Tuesday, 1 July 2014

I've been slack, I just noticed I have not posted since October 2013 & a lot has happened since!
This Carcoar dam, wind farms on the hill, its December 2013

Carcoar tunnel, Maggie travelled through here by train from Garland to Carcoar to go to school.
Christmas at Carcoar Dam with Phil , Deb, & Daniel (not in photo) Bennett.
A concert at Moruya bush camp, big Al is in the front with a checker'd shirt
Mary-Ann came to visit us at Dubbo during Maggie's recovery
This Husband minding centre can be found at Burren Junction, there is a large camp out at the hot springs
This camp is on the banks of the Baloone river at Surat QLD, its a restocking site for native fish and the Cobb & Co museum in town is well worth a look

These are out of sequence and I'm not smart enough to get them in sequence now! This is the ocean cliff bridge at Coalcliff NSW, Jan 2014
Frankie and her friend Lou came to visit Maggie at Dubbo
Steve Andrews grandson Leo, have a good time at the Commercial Hotel Gulgong during the Henry Lawson festival, June long weekend
St George Qld June 2014
Camp at Bundoora Dam, German Creek Qld. Friday 11/7/14 10am

 Sunday 13/7/14 Full Moon setting as the sun rose behind me, how good is this?
 Still Sunday morn about 7am, I have to turn the panels around, that's Phil's car in the back ground
 Blue keeping watch, I've got my bonnet up to discourage rats from getting in. One moved in to Phil's motor and brought a bubble wrap blanket which we found him tightly wrapped up in to keep warm. He also nipped through the diesel hose and had a drink!
This is what happens when you don't put an inline fuse on the line!
 This is Erik the Eggrett and this is his turf.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Teaching Katie & Bec (the 2 eldest grandchildren) how to play Skipbo , I lost!
     Kim with her 2 beautiful girls, its Katies 18th' we all had a great time and I was the first to crash.
A free camp at the front of the Coopernook pub, make sure you park diagonal to the river not parallel, (like I did), the local camp boss will take exception.
                           Home, Steve Andrews brought us a bouquet of flowers to celebrate the occasion!
Maggie finally got to give Tayla and Jessica (other 2 granddaughters) their birthday presents.

Luke and Maggie on his wedding day.

Jason and mummy
Tried to insert this earlier, whilst in Brisbane I had a chauffer!

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

If you squint and use all of your imagination, this is an image of the Virgin Mary!????? Just north of Springsure Qld, were on our way to GlebeWeir to meet up with Phil & Deb Bennett.
3 weeks has elapsed, we rushed to Armidale NSW for personal reasons, now on our way north again, stopped for a few days at Ebor, this is Ebor Falls
This Wollombi Falls, between Armidale and Ebor, they are the "highest falls in Australia", a spectacular valley.
 Can't seem to separate the last 2 shots, we are now at Dwain & Leanne Sullivans' at Canungra, Leanne is off to work on a Mufftie day. Enjoyed the stay.
 While at Canungra we celebrated Everett's 40th birthday, it was a great event and was over a 2 night stay at Spring Gully Farm. Family photo, Everett, Kerry, Sarah & Mikayla
From Canungra we move a vast distance of 30K to Joe and Beth Buffalino's place at Yatala (famous for its pies), Joe and Beth, Kierra, Genevive and Magdalina were great hosts and made us very welcome, Samuel also dropped in, he's on an Australia wide tour with a band. Beth is Maggies cousin so as you see, we have a family theme going on, considering we leave here to go to Kim's (daughter) placed for Katie's (granddaughter) 18th birthday.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Josephine falls, just south of Babinda
 This is the highest mountain in QLD, Ill update with the name later.
 This is the skin of a python that lives at Paronella Park. If you are up near Innisfail (Mena Creek), do not miss this beautiful park.
 Part of the first Hydro Electric system in Australia at Paronella Park
 The castle at Paronell Park, note the water fall is visible through the centre, as almost all features at the park have the fall in the back ground.
 The castle at night.

Hard to not like this, sunset at Karumba Point 

Fred and Wilma, 2 Jabaru you see on the Ferrymans boat for the Sunset Cruise, this is the best value for money cruise at Karumba (by a long way)

Who would have thought there is a place called Maggieville!

Lava tubes southeast of Mt Surprise, if you go to Mt Surprise, stay at the BP service station caravan park, it is cheap, good and the pubs next door.
End of the road, this is where the Bruce/James Cook Highway ends at Daintree village

We met up with Carol & Les at Babinda, shared fond memories, caught up with the family gossip and enjoyed fine food and wine, it was a great and wonder full 3 days.

If ever you go to Babinda, take a rain coat, gumboots and an umbrella. Make sure you go and see the "Boulders"

Thursday, 18 July 2013

On the road again, left home on 6th June 2013, first stop was Dan Murphy's at Dubbo for the essential cellar stock. First night was at Wylandra Crossing with Deb & Phil Bennet. We looked at the sky and I said "No it wont rain", the next morning Phil had to winch me out twice. Through Bourke, every shop had mesh on the doors and windows, on to Barrigun and spent the night, up to Cunnamulla and saw the fella, a couple of nights at Wyandra, where we had our wedding anniversary dinner at the pub.

Had trouble uploading so some of this is repeated.
On to Lake Dunn, that sunrise at Lake Dunn, Longreach to visit the Qantas museum (very interesting) then to "the Billabong" of Waltzing Matilda fame.
The spoke have rotted since I was last here, the two circles are wheels from a Cobb & Co coach. I did a video of the billabong but it wont download.

Of the 3 pubs above only one serves lunch, the Blue Heeler doesn't, the Quamby is closed, and the Sunset Hotel at Karumba is doing a roaring trade. Viorel and Libby Maggie and I enjoyed the sunset and a cold drink.